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Adam Eidenmüller, a paternal great grandfather of mine, came to the United States from Germany around 1888, and became a naturalized citizen in 1891. His descendants continue after him, but I alone am trying to find his ancestors.

Adam married Suzanna Weiss and settled in the city of Allegheny, Pennsylvania which later became a part of Pittsburgh at the turn of the century. First working in another bakery, he soon established his own shop on the northeast corner of Foreland and James Sts., employing additional bakers from Germany.

Adam and Susanna had one son and four daughters. As his family grew and married, so did the amount of real estate owned by the family on Foreland Street. The business and family quarters were at 500 Foreland St, and as the girls got married they moved into houses adjoining or just down the street. My grandmother and grandfather lived at 502 Foreland and my one grand aunt and her husband lived at 504 Foreland. Later on the youngest grand aunt lived a half a block away.

While I have been unsuccessful at assertaining the exact date or place that Adam and Susanna married, or the ports of arrival for either of them from Germany, I have not given up. I still have many avenues open to me and I will explore all of them.

The following link will let you see the information I do have on the descendants of Adam and Susanna. While our family history has been a little shaky at times, those of us who remain are a strong and determined group of survivors.


Descendants of Adam and Susanna




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