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NOTE: The old city of Allegheny became the North Side of Pittsburgh at the turn of the century. Any unspecified reference to Allegheny means the city, not the county. All information for persons still living, other than names, has been removed in the interest of privacy.

  1. Adam Eidenmüller was born in 1862 in Germany, possibly in the duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt. Family history states that during the first World War, Adam removed the umlaut from his last name to Americanize the spelling. He passed away in 1926 in Pittsburgh. Adam married Susanna Weiss, who was born in September 1863 in Germany and died in 1939 in Pittsburgh. Some family stories stated that Susanna came from the German border near the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. Their five children and their descendants are as follows:


    1. Adam Eidenmuller, the oldest child and only son to Adam and Susanna was born 14 August 1888 in Allegheny, PA. He served in WWI and a short time after the war, due to shell shock, began living in a Veterans Administration home in Bath, N.Y., where he passed away on 16 June 1967. Adam married Amelia Menke, born 27 November 1900. Amelia passed away on 24 November 1996 in Pittsburgh, PA. Their children are:


      1. Carl Eidenmuller


      2. Henry Eidenmuller born 06 November 1920 in PA, died October 1974 in PA. He married Katherine Elizabeth Kirkbride born 25 October 1918 died August 1981. The children of Henry and Katherine are:


        1. Henry A. Eidenmuller, who married Wendy Gouldthorpe. Henry A. and Wendy had two children:


          1. Victoria Ann Eidenmuller is married to Jeffery Hockenberger.


          2. William Henry Eidenmuller

          *2nd Wife of Henry A. Eidenmuller is Tehra Taylor


        2. Kirk Eidenmuller married to Barbara


        3. Thomas Eidenmuller, married to Kerrie Louise Erwin, and their children are:


          1. Thomas Lee Eidenmuller
          2. Kelley Lyn Eidenmuller
          3. Lucas Adam Eidenmuller


    2. Adam Eidenmuller III was born 22 May 1931 in Pittsburgh, and passed away in November of 1983 in Pittsburgh. Adam spent the majority of his life in a home for the mentally challenged in Polk, PA.


  2. Minnie Eidenmuller, the oldest daughter of Adam and Susanna, was born 21 July 1890 in Allegheny, and passed away 24 April 1971 in Pittsburgh. She married Robert Murray who was born 25 September 1886, and died 01 August 1954 in Pittsburgh. Minnie and Robert had 4 children:


    1. Sue Murray was born 19 February 1912 in Pittsburgh. and passed away in January 1986 in Fullerton, CA. She married Jack Maeder, who was born 09 June 1912 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA. Jack passed away in November 1972 in Fullerton, CA. Sue and Jack had two daughters:


      1. Barbara Louise Maeder, married Rob Tucker. Barb and Rob have two children:


        1. Katherine Tucker
        2. Gregory Tucker


      2. Jacqueline Maeder married Lee Holcomb. Jackie and Lee have a daughter:


        1. Jennifer Holcomb


    2. Barbara Murray who married Robert Williams, passed away in Fullerton, CA in October of 1998. Robert passed away in Pittsburgh. They had one child:


      1. David Williams born 16 April 1945, passed away abt. 1990. His wifes' name was Carol.


    3. Robert Murray, Jr. married Ruth McMahon, who passed away in the early 1990's. Robert and Ruth had three children:


      1. Robert Murray III, who is married.


      2. William Murray, whose wife is named Sue. They have two sons:


        1. Adam Robert Murray
        2. Austen Murray
      3. Joanne Murray married William Jamriska
    4. Kenneth Murray is the youngest child of Minnie and Robert.


  3. Lizzie (Elizabeth) Eidenmuller was born 10 June 1893 in Allegheny, and passed away 13 November 1987 in Pittsburgh. She remained a spinster all her life, dedicated to taking care of the family.


  4. Hilda Elizabeth Eidenmuller, my grandmother, was born 18 January 1896 in Allegheny, and passed away 30 March 1973 in Pittsburgh. She married my grandfather, Clarence Wesley Elwood, who was born 18 May 1893 in Erie Co., NY, and passed away in our house in Gibsonia, PA, 21 January 1957. Twenty years later, my father passed away in the same room. My grand parents had two children:


    1. Dorothy Marie Elwood, was born in 1915 in Pittsburgh. She died 04 July 1917 in Pittsburgh from pneumonia, never living to see her brother.


    2. Clarence Wesley Elwood, Jr., my father, was born 16 July 1918 in Pittsburgh. He passed away 11 March 1977 at our home. He married my mother, Alice Elizabeth Smith, on June 2, 1941. Mother was born 21 January 1917 in Pittsburgh and passed away on 19 March 1987 in Houston, Harris Co., TX. I am the only child from that union.


      1. Dorothy Theresia Elwood


  5. Marie Eidenmuller, the youngest child of Adam and Susanna, was born 01 September 1899 in Allegheny and passed away in June of 1990 in Pittsburgh. She married twice. Her first husband, Eugene Schellhaas, passed away in the late 40's or early 50's. Her second husband, Samual Ferraro died before 1958.


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